Warranty and service

Warranty and service

Warranty conditions:

1. Warranty repair of equipment is carried out on the condition that the client presents a fully filled out warranty card.

2. Delivery of equipment subject to warranty repair to the service center is carried out by the customer independently or at his own expense, unless otherwise stipulated in additional written agreements.

3. Warranty obligations do not apply to materials and parts that are considered consumables during operation.

Terms of termination of warranty obligations:

1. Inconsistency of the serial number of the equipment submitted for warranty service with the serial number indicated in the information and/or other written agreements (warranty certificate).

2. The presence of obvious or hidden mechanical damage to the equipment caused by violation of the rules of transportation, storage or operation.

3. In the process of repair, non-compliance with the Rules and operating conditions for this type of equipment was revealed.

4. Damage to control labels and seals (if any).

5. The presence of foreign objects inside the equipment case, regardless of their nature, if the possibility of this is not stipulated in the technical documentation and the Operating Instructions.

6. Equipment failure caused by force majeure and/or actions of third parties.

7. Installation and start-up of equipment by non-certified personnel, in cases where participation in installation and start-up of qualified personnel is directly stipulated in the technical documentation or other written agreements.

8. The goods can be returned only within 14 days from the moment of receipt.