About company

Who we are

Kvertus is a Ukrainian company specializing in the development and production of protection systems against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as electronic warfare and intelligence systems. The company has its head office in Kyiv.

Fields of application of Kvertus equipment:

  • objects of military, civil and critical infrastructure;
  • combat zones;
  • protection of private property and private life;
  • logistics;
  • various activities that are associated with the gathering of a large number of people.

Kvertus offers a wide range of UAV protection systems, including:

  • WB (radio-electronic warfare) and PER (radio-electronic intelligence) systems

The company develops its own EW and PEP systems that are effective against a wide range of UAVs.

Kvertus has extensive experience working in Ukraine. Since 2017, the company has been cooperating with the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and supplying equipment for a number of units. We conduct equipment testing near the combat zone in various directions and for various security forces and troops

Countermeasures against UAVs: an actual problem

UAVs are an increasingly common security threat. Depending on the type of aircraft, they are used for different purposes: reconnaissance, surveillance or damage to targets, if we are talking about FPV drones. Defense systems against UAVs are an important component of security. They help save the lives of not only military and civilian personnel, but also protect strategic facilities and critical infrastructure from the threat of UAVs.

Kvertus: solving the problem

Thanks to a strong material and technical base, experience in using equipment in the combat zone and its own R&D, the Kvertus company is able to offer the best solutions for protection against UAVs. Our team is constantly working on developing new technologies and improving our anti-drone systems and our own intelligence.

Kvertus is a Ukrainian manufacturer of UAV protection systems that offers a wide range of solutions to counter this threat.

Kvertus products
  • Portable anti-drones
  • Stationary anti-drones
  • Additional products for devices

Thanks to the expertise of the Kvertus company, a powerful material and technical base, experience in using equipment in the combat zone and its own R&D, the manufacturer develops and produces modern, technological, effective equipment, based on the individual needs of the client. During the period of the full-scale invasion, more than 1,000 UAV channel suppression hardware complexes and more than 50 stationary complexes were manufactured. The Defense Forces of Ukraine actively use Kvertus solutions.

Developed and manufactured in Ukraine.